Spoken rule, I have decided to

December 10, 2018 alherabd85 0

I have decided to…….. I have decided to + verb……(কোন কিছুর সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছি) Structure: sub+ have/has+ decided to + verb + ext. Example: ✪ I […]

Vocabulary (Human body)

October 22, 2018 alherabd85 0

Vocabulary is most common & important part of Learning English. To speak, write & all other activities about English, vocabulary is very essential. So, you […]

Spoken Rule, If

July 9, 2018 alherabd85 0

Do you want to improve your English skill? There are a lot of resources to learn English around the net. In this section i will […]

Spoken Rule, I’m dying to

July 9, 2018 alherabd85 0

I’m dying to….. Structure: sub+ dying to+ verb (base form)+ ext. Example: ✪ I am dying to have your love = তোমার ভালবাসা পেতে আমি […]